Vetting, Training and Placing the Next Generation of Elite SDRs

Vendition is a Sales Apprenticeship program that gives candidates the training and experience needed to earn their first job in tech sales. For employers, Vendition can help you grow your SDR team with the most diverse, well-qualified, and best trained SDRs in the market.


Learn how Flip the Script's Becc Holland uses Vendition to find and hire the most qualified and best trained SDRs in this series of 5 training videos.


  • Hire GREAT SDRs based on the traits that matter
  • Design a highly effective onboarding process for SDRs
  • Prioritize diversity on your team through your interview process

Grow Your Team of Elite SDRs

Learn how Vendition trains and mentors future SDRs to be the most elite SDR candidates on the market today. Click below to chat with their lovely team & see what they can do!