The Takeaway

Join us for a follow-up webinar to the Tour, as we unpack Asset #1: “The Comprehensive Encyclopedia of Sales Plays.”

Since inception, the sales industry has historically had questions that have gone unanswered and substantial problems that have gone unsolved.

First, there’s the tactical ones: What makes the perfect cold call? How do I handle the objection “Send me an email”? What’s the perfect subject line? And when someone ghosts me, how do I re-engage with them in a way that gets the response I want?

And then there’s the bigger ones... Why do my AEs fight with my SDRs on which meetings are TRULY qualified? Why does Marketing complain that Sales isn’t following up with their MQLs in a timely manner? Why does Sales complain that ALL of the marketing leads are “BS”? And what is the ONE playbook that will help my team drive predictable & repeatable pipeline, once and for all?

Aiming to solve the later, be sure to watch Becc Holland for “The Comprehensive Encyclopedia of Sales Plays” to deliver an answer on the one overarching playbook that can create predictable & repeatable pipeline for Sales teams of ALL sizes, SDR teams at ALL stages, and ALL based on data!


What You'll Learn

  • A comprehensive list of ALL of the sales plays you can run as an organization
  • The messaging infrastructure for each play
  • How to incorporate 1:Many premises (relevance) and 1:1 premises (personalization)
  • The perfect blend of quality & quantity to drive real results predictably, repeatedly, and at scale
  • What data to track to understand which sequences to prioritize to drive the results you crave


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