• The 3 easy steps of what you need to "discover" in your "Discovery Calls", including:
    1. Uncovering the Prospect's Self-Diagnosis
    2. Developing Your Expert Diagnosis
    3. Uncovering the "Unknown Problems"
  • (TL:DR and Extended) Definitions for what you need to find in Discovery Calls, including: "Problems", "Root Causes", "Current & Future Event Impacts", "Current & Future Event Triggers", and "Solutions"
  • The 7 Buckets of "Current & Future Impacts" of what makes someone decide to buy anything, including: "Solution Centric Triggers" that you shouldn't use & "Diagnostic Centric Triggers" that you should use
  • The 11 "problems" to uncover in you "Discovery Calls", that your prospects are trying to solve by making a purchase

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