The Takeaway

We all get ‘em - We all hate ‘em.
The truth of the matter is every student & teacher of the Sales game will tell you that the best way to handle objections… Is to be SO compelling in your elevator-pitch, that your prospect wants to say yes & just can’t say no.
But because we all live in the real world where objections, taxes, the DMV, and losing just ONE sock always seem to be a “thing” …
But rent control, sugarless desserts, getting a great parking spot OR our dream beach body, never however really are... We need a game plan :)
Bec Holland dives deep into the 4 different types of objections, the 2 questions you should ask about each one, and how to handle them ALL in a high-caliber way that will get you the information you need and answer you ultimately want in the process.


What You'll Learn

  • The 4 types of objections.
  • The 2 questions to ask about each one.
  • How to handle each type of objection, out of the 4.
  • Techniques you can takeaway & use today on the phone to open up the conversation, make it human, book more meetings & build more pipeline because of it.


Becc Holland-headshot Becc Holland CEO Flip the Script