The Takeaway

Ever get the feeling that what helped your org get from 1M ARR to 10M ARR, isn’t the same playbook that will take you from 10M ARR to 25M?
Or if you do, you don’t know which practices you should keep and double down on, and which are the ones to shed as you grow from an SMB start-up to a Mid-Market organization?
And if you’re a CRO supporting the functions across the board, how do you grow with the team & ensure your support of the organization is evolving with the team as it matures?
Listen to Anna Baird, CRO of Outreach as she unpacks how she evolved as a Revenue leader to Outreach as it grew from an SMB company quickly into one of the most revered organizations in the sales tech space & a “Forbes Next Billion Dollar Startup”.

You'll Learn

  • What are the differences tactically to enable a team as an SMB company vs. Mid-Market as a CRO?
  • How to effectively grow a lethal second line and front line leadership team with an aggressively growing company, across Sales Development, Sales, and Customer Success.
  • How to enable a hypergrowth company to have aligned goals across the funnel that support the company to “win as a team”. 
  • What are the personal challenges in being a Revenue leader to a company at two very different stages?


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