The Takeaway

Personalization, if cheapened in description, is “in vogue”. 

It “pattern interrupts” the typical mass-blast sales email, gets the prospect to read your message because of it, and makes them feel like you were the one rep that took the time to know them before you made the call. 

But there are some struggles to personalization: Some that are just a perception like the monster underneath your bed and some that are actually tangible and real. 

 Struggles as in:

  1. How do I scale it?
  2. How do I keep consistency among messages?
  3. How can I measure results if every email is different?
  4. How do I hook it?
  5. If I’m personalized, is it at the cost of being relevant? Are they mutually exclusive?
  6. Will I come off as someone who is personalizing just to get attention?
  7. What if my buyer isn’t super active on social media?

Setting out to debunk the myths behind the perceived struggles, and give an action plan for the ones that hold water, as we unpack what to do when your buyer isn’t active on social media, how to build a system to easily scale personalization… 

And how to scale ANY sales methodology that you’d like to leverage in the process, and here’s the surprising twist… WITHOUT needing the trainer to do it.

What You'll Learn

  • How to research a buyer that isn’t active on social media
  • The difference between a buyer that isn’t active & a buyer that isn’t ON social media
  • How to build a replicable system & strategy around personalization
  • How to break down any sales methodology to make it practical, tactical & work for your team


Becc Holland-headshot Becc Holland CEO Flip the Script