The Takeaway

Just checking in…

Just bubbling this to the top of your inbox…

Just following up…

Just circling back here...

Just wanted to see…

Just wanted to know...

Happy Monday - Hope all is well!

The “just” emails. We’ve all seen them.

We’ve all sent them. It’s Friday at 10am & you need something from your prospect (next steps, next meeting, signed proposal), but haven’t heard from them. Your manager is lighting up your Slack wondering why the deal isn’t closed and you have no idea what to tell them.

You need movement or an update from your prospect at least, but don’t want to be the typical pushy, overly-aggressive, annoying sales rep.

So how do you do it?

Becc Holland shows you how to check in with your prospects to cause movement, progress in your deals, or at minimum, a response with what’s happening “behind the scenes” so you can best manage your deals, stay informed, proactively supportive & ensure the quickest close possible as a result, without being “that rep”.


What You'll Learn

  • The pattern & top emails that you SHOULDN’T send that cause deal delays
  • 9 options of things you can send to your prospect to cause deal acceleration
  • What “value” looks like, where & what to include in your emails
  • Pattern Interrupts and language examples to include that will make your outreach more “human” & so you don’t feel icky while sending an email that garners an update


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