The Takeaway

Join us for a follow-up webinar to the tour, as we unpack asset #3, The 6 Buckets of Personalization

Prospects love getting personal. Well, they love getting personalized content, at least - content that is so relevant and eye-catching that they have no choice but to click, open, read, and love.

In this webinar, Becc Holland, CEO of Flip the Script, goes over six buckets of personalization that give you a smorgasbord of ideas on how you can tailor your messages to your specific prospect. If you ever asked yourself, “What on earth do I send them?”, then guess what: you’ll never have to ask that question again.


What You'll Learn

  • The six buckets and when (and why) you want to use them
  • Tips on researching prospects without taking too much time
  • How to generate an endless supply of content ideas that actually work


Becc Holland-headshot Becc Holland CEO Flip the Script
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