The Takeaway

The average buyer cares about only one thing, solving their problems. The average salesperson cares about one thing as well, hitting their quota.

So, in that being they’re #1, salespeople are often so focused on closing the sale that they fail to ask the right questions, and solving their buyer’s problems as a result.

At best, their questions are not in the best interest of the buyer. By default, their questions manipulate the buyer into buying, even if they know the product is not a right fit. And at worst, they diagnose the problem incorrectly, don’t identify the root cause of the problem at all, & sell the buyer the wrong product entirely.

And if you’re successful in selling them, the solution you gave the buyer will hurt them instead of help them, disable them from achieving their goal, and leave them with the exact same problem beforehand—often in worse condition, and with less budget to solve it.

So, what should we do instead?

What should be the goal of the seller in the room?

What are the questions to avoid?

What are the right questions to ask?

And how can we ask them to help uncover our buyer’s problems, identify the root cause, and truly help them?


What You'll Learn

  • The 5 Types of Questions to Avoid While Selling & Prospecting
  • The 7 Deadly Sins of Sales Questions
  • The 5 Litmus Tests that You’re Asking the “Sin” Questions
  • And the 13 Questions to Ask While Selling & Prospecting Instead


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