The Takeaway

As the age-old song goes… Breaking up is hard to do.

But as an official tribute & head nod to Valentine’s Day, we’ll make it super easy on you :)

Come join Becc Holland, Founder & CEO of Flip the Script as she covers “Break Up” emails to your prospects:

The DOs. 
The DON’Ts.

And real examples of how to end your outreach efforts to your prospects in a high-value way that gives you the BEST shot possible of ultimately getting the response that you want, and at minimum enables your prospects to remember you in a great way while you’re walking out the door. 

You'll Learn

  • What is a “break-up email”?
  • When should you send a “break-up email” in a sequence?
  • What is the messaging for a “break-up email”?
  • What should you do with the contact/account after you send the “break-up email”?
  • Real examples of break-up emails. 


Becc Holland Gray Becc Holland CEO Flip the Script