• The 5 Factors of a Stellar Cold Email, Including:
    • The 7 Deadly Sins of Cold Emails
    • The 7 Pillars of Great Cold Emails
    • The Structure of a Great Cold Email
    • The Structure of a Great Sequence
    • How to Add Great Content

  • The 5 Questions a Stellar Cold Email Answers:
    • Did they get it? (Email Deliverability)
    • Did they open it? (Pattern Words to Avoid)
    • Did they read it? (The 6 Buckets of Personalization)
    • Are you relevant, once they read it?
      • Relevant to Metrics
      • Relevant to Problems
      • Relevant to Triggers
      • Relevant to Unknowns
    • Psychologically, did you take care of them along the way?

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