• How to define, measure, & diagnose a buyer's problem.
  • What metrics to use, to uncover a problem.
  • What questions to ask, to diagnose a problem.
  • How to measure: Each of the 12 types of problems.
  • What's a Problem?
    • The difference between: Pain v. Problem.
    • The difference between: Pain v. Perceived Pain.
    • The difference between: Business Problem v. Tactical Problem v. Root Cause.
  • What's an Impact?
    • The difference between: Problem v. Impact.
    • The difference between: Current Impact v. Future Impact.
    • The difference between: Persona Impact v. Vertical Impact v. Horizontal Impact.
  • What's a driving impact?
  • What's an outcome?
  • And finally… What's a master problem?

Download Diagnostic Selling: How to Define, Measure, & Diagnose a Problem

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