• The 6 buckets of the different types of personalization, with examples for each type that are ranked on expected response rates.
  • The 3 types of “hooks” to ensure that you hook your “Personalization Premise” to prospect relevance.
  • The 5 types of “Core - Static Relevance” to consider & incorporate into your value prop.
  • Personalization + Relevance Playbook: A playbook that incorporates “Trigger-Based Relevance” (Encyclopedia), “Core - Static Relevance”, and a “Personalization Premise” to drive quality messaging at scale, with maximum response rates.
  • Relevance ONLY Playbook: A playbook that incorporates “Trigger-Based Relevance” (Encyclopedia) & “Core - Static Relevance” to ensure you deliver the maximum quality of messages possible without customization, that are based on context to the prospect.

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