The Takeaway

You get the dream job, managing an amazing sales team at a great company - Or as a rep who is hungry and ready to crush your numbers. The pressure of delivering the numbers your company needs starts to mount, and you’re left with a few resounding questions.

What are the magical words I need to say on a cold call to make the prospect agree to a time? What kind of activity & volume of activity will get me to quota? What things left said or unsaid to prospects can cause the dramatic conversion I’m looking for? What do I coach my team on? And how do I identify where they really need help in a specific way?

In this session, we’ll dig into the 7 things you can coach your team on that will make them push the behaviors you want, and the results you BOTH need in 2021.

Mark McWatters, VP of Sales at Ambition & Becc Holland, Founder and CEO of Flip the Script discuss how to quickly identify what to coach your reps on in the new year to ensure they are driving increasingly impressive numbers for booked pipeline and closed-won revenue that make both rep & manager alike look like heroes.

You'll Learn

  • How to identify what reps need coaching on to enrich 1:1s
  • 7 types of things to coach your reps on to ensure they hit quota
  • How to enrich 1:1s to make them meaningful & specific to the rep being coached


Becc Holland Gray Becc Holland CEO Flip the Script
Mark McWatters Mark McWatters VP of Sales Ambition
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