The Takeaway

Every conversation, regardless of the language or context, has a pattern. The same is true for sales: There are 3 types of patterns.
1. Patterns for Objections:
Prospect: I’m running into a meeting. 
Sales Person: No problem - When should I call back?
Prospect: Send me an email. 
Sales Person: What would you like included in that email?
Prospect: We don’t have budget. 
Sales Person: We always hear that until people see the value in our product, and then they make budget.
2. Patterns for Emails:
Happy Monday. 
Just bubbling this to the top of your inbox. 
Hope you’re well. Hope you’re safe in these uncertain times. 
Just following up here. 
Just circling back on this - 
We’re the #1 provider of ____, that helps ___ do ____. 
I’d LOVE to chat for just a short 15 minutes - How’s Wednesday at 3pm?
Assumptive Close,
3. Patterns for Cold Calls:
Hello, did I catch you at a bad time? This is a sales call. Would you give me the next 30 seconds to tell you why I called?
Join Becc Holland, CEO of Flip the Script, as she unpacks how to engage with your prospects in a way that’s compelling, a different way that BREAKS through the normal patterns of every day cold calls & makes your prospects gravitate towards you in a human way. (We’ll cover pattern interrupts for cold call, email & during objections!)

You'll Learn

  • What are 3 Pattern Interrupts that help disrupt the current flow of conversation for the better?
  • The situations in which you should use these pattern interrupts. 
  • How to “read the room” in a conversation to know when to use them. 
  • What new path of conversation should I expect once I do the pattern interrupt. 
  • How to “close” the conversation by getting a meeting after the pattern interrupt.


Becc Holland Gray Becc Holland CEO Flip the Script