The Takeaway

Even into 2021, the lifelong sales debate still goes on.

For cold emails and calls… Is it Relevance ONLY? Is it Personalization ONLY? Or is it Personalization & Relevance?
Personalization without being relevant, and the prospect LIKES you because you did your homework by researching them, but won’t BUY from you because they don’t think you can help them solve anything. 
Relevance without personalization, and SOME people who are “low hanging fruit” will buy from you, but MOST prospects won’t take a second look at the cold email, because let’s be honest… Who reads a mass blast template anymore & responds by taking a meeting?
But if the answer IS truly knowing your buyer beforehand and personalizing your messages… How do you hook it? How do you tie personalization to relevance? And how on earth do you hook it in a way that’s quick, fluid, easy, breezy & doesn’t sound forced?
Becc Holland unpacks what is true personalization, true relevance, how to accomplish both AT SCALE with your prospects and the critical piece of hooking them together to craft a killer cold email. 

You'll Learn

  • What makes a great “hook” and the definition/difference between “Personalization” & “Relevance”
  • What are the two TYPES of situations you need to hook personalization and relevance
  • The 3 parts engendered to any “Hook”
  • 3 options of how to begin a “Hook” with actual wording
  • 3 Examples of profiles, how to pick out a personalized premise, and hook within an easy breezy structure


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