The Takeaway

It’s no secret that companies far & wide want more inbound leads.

Their buyer intent is high. Their self-education on having a problem that you solve for is higher. And their conversion into closed-won is dreamy because of it.

But when it comes to inbound, there’s only one outstanding question that needs to be answered & it’s a question that comes down to quality.

Is the lead qualified?
Are they really looking to make a purchase or are they just kicking the tires?
Are they the right person?
Are they the right size organization?
Do they want to make a purchase?
Do they have the money to make one if they do?
And do they have the right criteria that puts them in a spot to ultimately buy?

In the aim of ensuring that the AE team only spends time on leads that will close, companies try to garner the lucrative answers to those questions before the 1st meeting - And it’s all with good intent.

The logic is sound. Process outlined. And all with the goal of helping quicken the sales cycle & drive efficacy within it for their sellers.

But even though the goal is a tightly defined process, it’s one that often is at the expense of your buyer.

And one that often leads to damaging the experience of the buyer, their interest because of it, & leads to them churning in the process.

So how can you accomplish both?

How can you ensure that your AEs only spend time on the leads that are qualified… But not plummet the buyers’ experience, alongside your conversion rates into pipeline & closed-won because of it?

Becc Holland goes into the 5 commonly held myths about inbound leads, the negative impact of those myths when orgs deploy them, and a 7 step process that drives ~70% more conversion of hand-raisers into highly-qualified DISCO meetings.

What You'll Learn

  • 5 commonly held myths about inbound leads (hand-raisers) that damage conversion
  • The reasoning & justification behind the 5 commonly held myths
  • The negative impact of the 5 myths on an organization & the conversion of inbound leads (hand-raisers) into qualified DISCO meetings
  • 7 steps of a new inbound process that will drive ~70% more conversion of inbound leads (hand-raisers) into having a qualified DISCO meeting
  • Tips, positive side-effects & additional options for each of the 7 steps


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