The Takeaway

It’s the perfect storm in the Sales Development world for onboarding, and you’re caught in the middle of it. 
How do I hire the right people? Candidates with potential? Candidates with drive? Candidates with skill? And candidates that can ultimately excel in an entirely new role, all while working remotely!
And if I DO manage to hire these magical people, how do I answer the $100,000 question: How on earth do I onboard them in a way that turns them into lethal prospectors in a couple of months?
And even if I could do that under NORMAL circumstance, still remains the daunting $1M question - How do I do all of that in a COMPLETELY remote environment, in unprecedented times, on a completely uncharted landscape?
James Nielsen, CEO of Vendition (Sales Apprenticeship & SDR Recruiter) and Becc Holland, CEO of Flip the Script unpack how to weather the storm of the Pandemic and train new SDR hires better than ever before: So they’re exceeding quota in no time, with a easy implemented & readily deployable onboarding roadmap - All done remotely!

You'll Learn

  • 7 items that you need to train on in 2021 to ensure SDRs are successful
  • Practical application of the structure of how to train on each of these items
  • An executive summary of the elements of each item
  • How to incorporate all 7 items into an onboarding roadmap that helps your SDRs win early and often


Becc Holland Gray Becc Holland CEO Flip the Script
James Nielsen James Nielsen CEO Vendition
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